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smarty jr 6.7 me

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ok guys iv had this tuner for a couple years i tow with this truck ALL the time ... it pulls like a train under 2000 rpm over that it dumps my boost out and itll only push about 26 or 27 pounds .... pisses me off cuz then the egts skyrocket.... is it a software problem or wat iv put like 75000 miles on it like this .... ready for a change ... sometimes ill get out on the road and it wont push but 17 pounds and all of a sudden then the turbo starts to surge and then itll pull like it shud ..... wish i cud get it fixed...:spank:
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Did this just start happening ever since you loaded the tune?
What tune are you running?
Have you tried a newer tune or reloading the tune?
Stacked tuners with the smarty and edge?
What are the edge settings?
What are the smarty settings?
Have you cleaned the map sensor?

Lots of variables to check.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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