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Smarty help please!!!!!

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So the smarty i have in my truck says it is made for 98.5-2002 cummins 5.9L yada yada yada. but today i returned my truck to stock software so that i could try and hook it up to a buddy of mines 99 cummins. now, when we got it plugged in to his 99, the smarty read undetected software was in his truck. so we thought maybe it was the edge EZ he had hooked up. we unplugged the EZ and tried again. same happened. he has never had a programmer in it before so we dont know what the problem is. is there different ECM updates for 98.5-2000 than 2001-2002?

Thanks for the help!
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email bob from mads website he might be able to help. check some of the local stealerships they might reflash the stock ecm for free or close to free.
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