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Slow/weak starter, stumped...??

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Hello, I have noticed over a week or so that my truck requires an extra second o 2 of crAnking time to start. Last 2 days the starter has begun turning really slow, sounds weak, struggling to turn the motor over. Once running the voltage returns to 14 so I believe alternator is fine. My battery cables are eroding, crack and old so tomorrow I'm going to swap them out, I hope that's the issues (not enough power to starter) I have read of leaks in fuel return line and bad washers at banjos but I don't see how that would make the starter sound the way it does... Also will buy starter solenoid contacts , have read that might bean issue. Any other ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated. Seeing as how I am waiting for my paycheck to replace my cracked radiator :banghead: I am really hoping to avoid having to buy a new starter (I believe this is still original on 195k miles)
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how old are the batteries?
It sounds like you are having a similar problem to what happened to me:

I would suggest removing the starter, alternator, and batteries all AT THE SAME TIME and having them checked. I did these separately and the truck was down for a week. If you do this all at once, you can get everything checked, buy new if necessary, and then can have the truck back on the road the next day.

If you only check one thing a day like I did, it drags out over the course of a week. I should have just removed everything at the start and saved myself a lot of frustration.
I had the same happen to mine. In my particular case, the starter brushes were bad. I took it to a nearby starter/alternator shop and had it rebuilt. It was the original Denso starter.
I had the same issue, my voltage was reading pretty low on start up and it ended up being my alternator. Took about 4 days to fully go out to where my truck wouldn't even start because it was turning over so slow.

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If you decide to get another starter from a parts company KEEP your old starter. A lot of starters from parts stores are wrong and do not last long. At least you could still get your old starter rebuilt if needed and have a spare.
Thanks everyone! I think the batteries are less than 2 years. I got new cable to battery connections I will put on tonight, buy new solenoid contacts for starter tomorrow and if that doesn't do it I will take the batteries starter and alternator to the shop this weekend... Work truck on Kauai ... Nothin open after work >.<
Mine was slow cranking and it was the starter - it was not tight. Didn't make any odd noises, just had some binding.
Mine likes to stick on when its cold, I guess 12 years will do that. New contacts are in my near future.
Want parts to rebuild your starter?

You probably will not need these.
Starter Brush Repair Kit Dodge RAM Pickup Diesel 5 9L | eBay

Here are the upgraded starter solenoid contacts.
Dodge Cummins Diesel Starter Solenoid Contacts Repair | eBay

Or a more complete kit BUT it appears to only have one oversized contact in it.
Starter Repair Kit Dodge RAM Pickup 5 9L Diesel 94 02 | eBay

I am sure you can buy these parts at most parts stores also.
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Contacts are usually good or bad not in between or slow. Those cables are probably the problem but could be bad batteries too. Have them LOAD tested too. It is amps not voltage and a bad battery will show good volts put amp output is bad. Fuel/air leak in fuel system will cause slow/hard start but not slow cranking it itself.
mine just clicks. i bought starter contacts
Clicking, that should be all you need.
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