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Slipping in OverDrive

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I have a ‘96 3500 dually. No performance parts besides air intake and intake manifold. And it only has 105k miles on it. And it seems like my transmission is slipping into overdrive. It shifts pretty normally before I hit overdrive, but sometimes it will rev up and abruptly shift into od. It’s a lot worse lately slipping about every time I hit overdrive. I don’t know if it’s electronics related. Or my tranny going out. I know when I got my trans fluid changed he said there were a lot of aluminum bits in the pan. So my trans is probably on its way out. But I expected it to last more than 100k. Just wanted some thoughts?
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Hey there, I have a 96 dually as well, automatic. I have had a problem with the truck shifting out of overdrive while driving. It is very annoying as the rpm's shoot up after it falls out and I have to baby it until I can get it to engage again.

I've heard replacing the TPS has helped people and it's easy to do. I plan on doing that to rule it out at least.
Good luck! I'll be watching the thread hopefully people chime in.
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