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Sled Pull Royal City, WA 7-12-08

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Columbia Basin Sled Pullers
Royal City, WA
Saturday, July 12th 2008 11am
Moses Lake, WA 98837
(509) 760-3676 or [email protected]
Official Entry Form
I will attend the drivers’ and judges’ meetings preceding the contest. I agree to accept and compete under the rules as
published by the Columbia Basin Sled Pullers. I have read the rules and I agree the judges’ ruling as final in all
matters of interpretation and protest. The entry fee is non-refundable.
Columbia Basin Sled Pullers shall not at anytime or to any extent whatsoever be liable and responsible or in any way accountable for any injury to or death of persons or loss, destruction or damage to property, including property and employees and undersigned, occurring in, on or about the premises, or wherever occurring, resulting from any use of or activity on the premises whether such injury, death, loss, destruction or damage shall be caused by any other matter or thing, whether of the same kind as or of a different kind in matters or things set forth and undersigned shall forever indemnify Columbia Basin Sled Pullers against any and all claims, ability, loss, damage, action, or cause of action whatsoever on account of any such injury, death, loss, destruction or damage and any related expenses, including attorney’s fees.
Send entries to: DJ Calloway, 10105 Road N.4 NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837
Make Checks Payable to: Columbia Basin Sled Pullers
Entry Fee: $40.00 per weight class
Driver’s Name _______________________________________________
Telephone # _______________
Address ___________________________________City __________State____ Zip __________
Signature _________________________________________________Date________________

PLEASE CHECK CLASS YOU ARE ENTERING (Check class descriptions on page 3):
___Stock Gas ___Stock Diesel ___Modified Diesel
___Heavy Modified Diesel ___Unlimited Diesel ___Semi’s
TRUCK ENTRY: YEAR _______ MAKE ____________________ MODEL _______________
Modifications to Truck (Please be Truthful There will be people here that will know):___________
Sponsors you would like to be named:_______________________________________________

2008 Truck Pull Rules and Regulations

1st Place - $200 and Trophy
2nd Place - $75 and Trophy
3rd Place - $50 and Trophy

1. Trucks must be operated in a safe manner at all times. Drivers must remain seated during the pull and must have complete control of the truck at all times. Seatbelts must be worn. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
2. NO consumption of alcoholic beverages in the truck or pit area either before or during contest.
3. If judges believe any individual to be a potential hazard because of such consumption, the
individual and pickup will be barred from the contest.
4. No Riders
5. Trucks will be weighed with driver at the pull during tech.
6. MUST use receiver type hitch we will not hook to a bumper.
7. Trucks must have all weights safely secured to the vehicle and may not exceed more than 60 inches from the centerline of the front axle.
8. Weights must not touch the ground.
9. If weight falls off, driver will be disqualified.
10. No blocking of suspension – Must have 1” of spring travel. (Air bags allowed, in cab adjustability must be disabled)
11. No portion of the truck may interfere with sled hitch during pull.
12. Everyone must have own clevis/shackle on pick-up. Minimum 3” inside diameter. Hitch height must be no more than 26” to the center from the ground.
13. Hitch must be rigid in all directions and solidly mounted to the vehicle frame and cannot rise
during pull. Hitch must extend beyond box.
14. All pre-registered entrants will be mixed up so the same entrant does not start every class.
15. The first puller in each class will have the option to pull over. Must request re-pull before he is unhooked from the sled. Any puller may have one re-pull as long as he stops before the front of the skid passes the 75’ mark and requests the re-pull before he is unhooked from sled.
16. Can pull in more than one class. (If you qualify for Modified you can pull in Heavy Modified/ If you qualify for Heavy Modified you CANNOT pull in Modified)
17. Contest to be governed by judge with all decisions final. Judges have all rights to stop and
disqualify any truck if it is not being operated in such a manner as would be considered safe.
18. There will be a $50.00 protest fee. Fee will be returned if protest is proved within 15 minute
protest time limit following each class.
19. No sign up after the class has started pulling.
20. It is the drivers responsibility to be aware when they will be pulling and ready when it’s their
21. ONLY the driver of the vehicle and track officials is allowed on the track at anytime.
22. All vehicles will pull twice. The sum of the total feet from both pulls will be added together to for your final score. Full Pulls will be counted as 300ft. If there is more than one full pull in the second round of pulling in a class there will be a pull-off to determine placements.

1. Stock Gas
2. Stock Diesel
3. Modified Diesel
4. Heavy Modified Diesel
5. Unlimited Diesel
6. Semi’s


Stock Gas 7500 LB Limit
1. STOCK IS STOCK as delivered from factory
2. Trucks must be licensed. Trucks must have streetable exhaust. Must pull from receiver hitch. No wheel base restrictions.
3. May have Intake or exhaust modification
4. No power adders (ie: chip, module, programmer, etc.)

Stock Diesel 8000 LB Limit
1. STOCK IS STOCK as delivered from factory
2. Trucks must be licensed. Trucks must have streetable exhaust. Must pull from receiver hitch. No wheel base restrictions.
3. May have Intake or exhaust modification
4. No power adders (ie: chip, module, programmer, modified injectors or aftermarket turbo)

Modified Diesel 9000 LB Limit
1. Must be stock as delivered from factory with front and rear bumpers. All doors and fenders must be in place and must have full hood. Wheel base 136” or less.
2. No block suspension. Any amount/combination of springs allowed. Traction bars allowed. (Traction bars must not hinder suspension travel)
Must have 4 factory wheel brakes in working order. Truck must be street legal and licensed.
Maximum tire size is 40” tall, 15” wide.
3.May have power adders (ie: chip, programmer, module or injectors) May only have either computer modification OR injectors.
5.Only single turbo
6. Water injection only allowed (no Meth)

Heavy Modified Diesel 9000 LB Limit
1. All of the Modified Diesel Rules
2. Combination of computer modification and injectors
3. Water/Meth Allowed

Unlimited Diesel 9000 LB Limit
1. Only one transmission and transfer case. All engine components must be under full hood. Rear
suspension must be on springs. Any amount/combination of springs allowed. Wheel base 135” or
less. Suspension blocks allowed.
2. All traction and latter bars must run parallel with drive shafts to keep from restricting suspension travel. Removal of floor and fenders from box allowed.
3. Hydraulic steering is allowed. Must have minimum of 2 factory wheel brakes. Maximum tire size is 40” tall, 15” wide.
4.Twin turbos allowed
5.NOS and water methanol injection allowed


1. Run what you bring
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