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Sled deck pics!

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Would love to see some pics of your Sled deck setup! really struggling with the decision between a crew cab or mega-cab truck. want the mega cab space, but worried box will be too short to comfortably run a deck with long mountain machines.
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Nice setup! Exactly what I'm lookin for. Is that a 7ft deck? How do you find the ramp angle with the lift?
very nice!
Sorry for the old pics and not taken very well to show deck. But anyways it's a Silver Lake deck. Red rev in pic is 151'', xp is 154'' but deck works great on the mega cab!

IMG_20110211_105955_zps941d1b86.jpg Photo by Jack220mt | Photobucket

IMG_20110211_161256_zps196be9fe.jpg Photo by Jack220mt | Photobucket
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Great looking truck! Is it. 2500 or 3500?

Skyd is your Ram a cummins? How is it loading the sled with the lift kit?

Just curious because I am wanting a deck on me lifted ram but dunno about loading a sled!
Thanks, it's a 2500 with timbrens, as far as the lift goes, my buddy is using my deck on his mega with 6" lift and 37's works fine
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