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Sinister delete coolant hose leak, fass fuel system… new purchase

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I have a leak here until the engine is warm. New purchase. TSD in Texas said my receipt is no good because truck switched Owners. I asked about a manufacturer warranty on the sinister delete. Just got a bad attitude towards me so I hung up.

The man has fass fuel 150gph pump and filters. All was done at the shop, but I see the factory filter is still on the side of the engine. The purpose of this on my old 7.3 was to be able to do a fuel bowl delete to open everything up so it was better and looked better. I’d like for this truck to not have that and be open. I’ve not checked if the factory bowl has a filter. I’m sure it does, just seems like more restriction and not necessarily needed. I say this because I wanted to change and fill the fass filter with seafoam, run it into the injectors, sit 15-20 minutes and blow it out. I did this on my tractor, my old 7.3 and it always ran better afterwards. The man i purchased the truck from told me “he didn’t believe or like injector cleaners” truck has 117k miles 2012 model. He didn’t really drive it. The fass fuel sump. The fuel gauge wasn’t reading right as it was empty and only held 25 gallons I read the mega cab hold 34 gallons I believe. The more I run the truck the better but imo needs seafoam ran through new filters and injectors and a good ratio mixed in the fuel tank.

Thank you. I wish this part that is leaking would’ve been a flexible braided line. The exhaust vent screw by the leak. I’m not sure what that is for.
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Might take some searching, but try to find a product like those pictured below, i think people have been able to find them on Ebay since the EPA shutdown deletes. Issue is there isn't enough positive pressure holding it together, so the O-ring will eventually fail again, you need to be able to apply positive pressure

actually...just checked the links in that thread, still a live link with @Glacier Diesel Power so hopefully that fitting is still available, great fitting. Put one on my 12 to solve the issue as well
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