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single S400?

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I just bought hi flow dv's and need a turbo. I was wondering if i could use a S400 or a HT3B as a single for now, then when i get a better head gasket and studs i can use my hx35 for a twin setup.
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Yeah but it will smoke more and be hotter than a hx35, and will spool really slow if it ever does

I'd assume you are thinking of an s465 right?
Not sure what the specs on an ht3b are but the spin backwards and a 26cm housing is way big.

An s465 with a good housing is similar to a silverbullet (about what BD uses in there towing twins for the primary), but once you use it as twins its going to be a little small IMO.
yea i was looking for single to cool my egt's down with the dv's i'm going to put in.
you will never get a S400 to lite with a 12v on the street with what you got to work with. run the 35 you got and save for the twins. the biggest you would what to go on your set up is 62/65/14 or 62/71/14. my 96 has a 215 pump,4k spring, cut dv's,holders, #0 plate,370's and for a turbo, a 62/71/14. it lights OK, egt's stay good when pulling my gooseneck(14000lbs) boost get to 53 to 56psi. but i have a built auto with a lose converter to help spool it up. with a 5 spd it will be a little hard to keep a big turbo lite on the street.
I'll agree with that. It'll be a big time pig unless you have some major machine work done. At that rate you might as well have gotten a good sized turbo that'll have some street manners.
On a slimier note, i don't know exactly how a hx-50 compares in size to those, but would it end up being suuuuuper slow spooling
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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