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Since twins.....trucks defueling

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I cant figure out whats going on with my truck but it seems its not getting the fuel. Once I put this setup in did the break in and went to hammer on it the whole truck just bucks and you have to get off the throttle. I sent my programmer to Edge they flashed it and sent it back but it still does it I cant even pass people because as soon as she wants to take off it starts bucking, but it always worked fine before I put the twins, and machs in. Its a new vp and fuel pressure is good, im still certain its the box, I swapped a pcm when i did the 6 speed swap but I dont think it could be that.....So im still stumped and wondering if anyone has dealt with this before. Also Im not sure but I swear there was more smoke when I first installed everything, now i can drive it no problem without excessive smoke unless i really smash on it, but originally I had to be real careful reguardless...or it would smoke easy
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I would just call Lenny or one of his mechanics at DDP.

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I played with it a little more on the way home tonight and disabled the backdowns on the edge and it was like 80% better but still doing im leaning further towards this box being the issue...
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