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Should my buddy switch to the revo software??

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My buddy has a pullin truck and was wanting to know if he would benifit any from getting the revo software. All he does with the truck is pull it.
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I think revo is the same but you can adjust more stuff.
adjustments are great. torque management just set on 6 an hang on
the most power you can really squeeze out of a programmer box is around 65, and the stock smarty software is there. revo wont make a difference you can notice, unless your an auto guy, and want to take off TM. i think revo was made so that the 2nd gen guys could feel special like the 3rd gen guys.

ask me how i know
he was wanting to turn over more rpm's but I didn't think they had a software that did that
nope. need the drag comp, tst comp, or adrenaline
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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