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Should I Move To Cottondale?

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Im from Ontario Canada near Toronto.:hehe:

My company an automotive parts supplier has facilities in Cottondale and they are proposing me a job offer.:stirpot:
Is 90 000 a good salary in the area? I wont get overtime.:confused013:
Can I live comfotably on that?:confused013:
I want a nice place and some property and have coin for toys.:drool2:
Good and bad about the area?:shock:

Any way thanks for any replies and might see you at the play areas there soon!!!!!:party018:
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Thanks for responses


Thanks for taking the time.

I have no idea what the Cottondale area is like.
My Boss says the company location will be moving to Bessemer.

Crime states are quite high for the national average!!
Noticed forcible rape is high. Is there a non forceable rape?

Anyway I am going to be talking with a real estate agent to look into homes. Im after a real nice home with about 5 or more acres. Need an out building to for the toys and hobbies.

Hope to see you guys soon!!!!!
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Im gonna need some beautiful women to help me around my truck and bike.
And for the breaks between hobbies!!!
Thanks for replying!!
Im In!!

Well I bought a nice house in McCalla.
I ride a Harley Road Glide Ultra.

Im also curious about large mud trucks.
I have a mud truck with 44" tires, are these allowed on the road in Alabama?

I will likely get my trippple turbos installed once I settled in McCalla !!!

Thanks for any responses!! :thumbsup:
Thanks for responses guys!!

Im not getting emails to show responses to this thread. ??

Any way I move to McCalla Oct 7th.
Be great to meet some gearheads!!
Talk more once Im there!!!!:blues:
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