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Should I Move To Cottondale?

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Im from Ontario Canada near Toronto.:hehe:

My company an automotive parts supplier has facilities in Cottondale and they are proposing me a job offer.:stirpot:
Is 90 000 a good salary in the area? I wont get overtime.:confused013:
Can I live comfotably on that?:confused013:
I want a nice place and some property and have coin for toys.:drool2:
Good and bad about the area?:shock:

Any way thanks for any replies and might see you at the play areas there soon!!!!!:party018:
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Congats bro, welcome to alabama. I'm from south florida. Live up north of you in arab. I also brought up a big mud truck,blazer on rockwells and tractor tires. Its in south carolina at my brothers. Couldn't find and body to wheel with so he has it. Its too wide for most trails up here..
As for 44 in tires on the roads around here? In my next of the wood dont see too many big trucks. My dodge is one of the biggest truck i see around here, and it only on 35's. agian welcome to alabama.
plenty of nekkid women. some you wanna see..... some you dont[/QUOTE]

funny! i worked in that area
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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