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Should I Move To Cottondale?

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Im from Ontario Canada near Toronto.:hehe:

My company an automotive parts supplier has facilities in Cottondale and they are proposing me a job offer.:stirpot:
Is 90 000 a good salary in the area? I wont get overtime.:confused013:
Can I live comfotably on that?:confused013:
I want a nice place and some property and have coin for toys.:drool2:
Good and bad about the area?:shock:

Any way thanks for any replies and might see you at the play areas there soon!!!!!:party018:
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As long as you stay away from downtown bessemer you will be fine. I am in hoover and 20 min from bessemer and very little crime here. what kind of bike do you have? If you ride a harley plenty of guys to ride with. Others idk abt
As long as your headlights are no higher than 54" and taillights 60" u will be ok. but good luck finding a cop whos gonna check it. I ride a road glide also. pm me and we will ride one day. There is a ride with hog nuts mc leaving from tannehill benefiting leukemia sat if you are interested. I would be riding in it but scooter is in shop getting cam chain tensioners installed. Getting ready for a Key West ride a month from today. also there is a rally in locust fork this weekend called boogie bottoms always a good time and plenty of nekkid women. some you wanna see..... some you dont
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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