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Hey guys, I'm wanting to do a 2nd gen manifold swap on my truck, but don't have the tools to do that kind of stuff. Is there a good shop that would do this for me? I have all the parts. Thanks guys
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Titan Diesel Sports. Bar none best customer service and they know Cummins.
Where are you located in AZ?
I'm up in north Phoenix (just west of Scottsdale airport)
If you were in Tucson we could get it done in a few hours one weekend. Save you a few bucks.
I've seen one of these jobs from Kevin at Titan and it looked nice.
Honest guy to deal with.

Hello All,

Looking for a great place in Tucson, AZ to put a new set of injectors in my truck, which is a 3rd gen 5.9, with over 219K on the original injectors. I figure it is time for a new set. Gas mileage is really bad and runs a little rough.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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