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shopping for 3rd gen 3500 drw MT 4x4 - any tips?

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So far Auto Trader looks like the best site for info on trucks for sale. Auto Tempest (Craigslist) is not too bad but you have to look through a LOT of listings. It is a miracle if the seller puts more than "Dodge" in the listing!

Prices are all over the place. Some dealers want $35K for these trucks!
I am just starting my search but it looks like it will be a real PITA.

The manual transmission is the killer. Lots of automatics.
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AutoTrader is usually the best source other than the classifieds at a site like this. If you are really specific about what you want it may be an ordeal either way though unless you don't mind traveling to get what you want....
have patience and hold out for exactly what you want. i started out wanting a black manual and got impatient and settled with a white automatic. of course saw many black manuals afterwards.

set yourself up an automatic alert on autotrader. you save the specs you want and when anyone submits anything new that fits your criteria it will email you the list of them.
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Thanks for the tips. I guess I will just have to wait until something comes my way.
Unfortunately I can not use the classifieds on this site. Even though I have been a member for two years I do not have 50 posts. I just can not post garbage to increase my post count (this thread is the best I can do!).

I have seen a few trucks that meet my specifications but, as I said, some dealers are asking for $35K for a 2004 truck. I suppose I could afford those prices but I just can not validate that kind of price gouging.

It has been amusing spotting the scams on Craigslist. Ads from different states, different VINs, descriptions, etc, with the EXACT same photos!

It has also been amusing sending Email to dealers. They always require a telephone number. Well, I do not want to be called twice a day for a week by some salesman, so I put THEIR phone number in the field. If they do reply by Email I will always thank them for their time. So far out of five replies from dealers, two have actually answered the questions I asked.
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Try KSL in Utah
What I found when I was looking for my truck was that, as far as all 3rd gens go, what matters most in determining the selling price is the mileage. A low mileage 03 will bring more than a higher mileage 07. Definitely hold out for what you want but remember that the 03-04 trucks are sought after because they have no emissions junk to deal with, they tend to get better mileage, and the NV5600 manual is definitely preferred over the newer G56 with the dual mass clutch.
I've been offered more on trade in than I paid for my truck almost 3 years ago so these trucks do hold their value.
Also, go to the "Wanted" section in the classifieds here and post up that you are looking for a truck. Spell out exactly what you want and guys here will let you know what they have for sale... ;)
Auto Trader is the best I have found. You could try too.
As 8second said wait. Its not easy trying to find a nice used truck anymore. Once you find it .Hang on to it.
I've found 2 low mileage 3rd gen trucks on in the last few months. My '05 3500 with 22k miles and a 6 speed, and my dad's '06 2500 auto with 35k miles. There out there you just have to be patient and check often, and when there is a good deal jump on it. Both of these trucks were pretty cheap too.
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