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Shimmed Fuel release??

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What are u guys going with this shimmed fuel release? Is it raising the rail preasure? How do u do it and what do I need? Dont some of the boxes raise rail preasure?
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You shim the fuel release to allow for more pressure in the fuel rail. I dont think it helps much stock but when you add boxes it can help becaue it keeps the valve from opening untill a higher pressure is reached.
if you go to TS performance's website they have instructions on how to shim the fuel release when you install their mp-8
It is mainly a mod to accompany the MP-8
if you get the mp-8 it is a must....unless you dish out the extra cash for the plug but I don't think that it is recommended if you have other boxes on the truck like the edge juice w/att
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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