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Shift lever Indicator lights out.

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Has this happened to anyone? What is the cure?
Thanks David
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Sure could use a helping hand on this one. :w:
p r n d :thumbsup
Yeah but i can see the old lady getting and shifting it straight to 2 and getting on the highway.:thud::CRY:
You ever figure it cause mine just went out. The shifter lights and the light that shows the tow haul and o/d off mode, are all out on mine. Happened right after down loading a tune. I think it is unrealated though. I have been having other issues with the shifter before.
nevermind i pushed the wrong button on my smarty.
Decals please,
I accidentally turned the "shift defuel" off. I just hit the wrong button.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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