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Hey guys, I'm trying to get the facts before buying my next truck. I want to get a real truck, no more gas nonsense. I want a diesel. I bought my '05 1500 brand new and have never had a serious issue. I love the quality, the power, all of it. Here's my question.

I've never worked on or driven the cummins. My dad has a construction company and has had multiple duramax's. I've worked on them, I know them. But the dodge has become like a member of the family. My dad is pushing the Dmax on me for obvious reasons.

With the Dodge, what are the problems I should be aware of or prepare for before buying? I already know about DPF's. I would like to get one of the last 5.9's. If I get a 6.7 I've already decided to delete the DPF. But with these trucks what are the other issues that keep popping up? And are there HD aftermarket parts to replace the problems with to eliminate them?

Sorry for the novel here, but I heard you guys know your stuff so I thought I'd come right to the point. I'll be using the truck as a daily driver, for some construction work, occasional towing, and some snow plowing. I'd also like to do some performance/suspension mods down the road, nothing extreme, just the usual stuff.

thanks for the help
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