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september 12th woodburn

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sep 12th is the Diesel drags at woodburn! who all is going?
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Probably around $35. I think it says on the flyer. Chris
o thats not to bad, hopefully someone has a video camera, i dont. 8up......what'l your truck run in the 1/4? probly low teens? im guessin mine mid, to proby high teens.
Not sure. It runs 9.8's in the 1/8 with mild launching in 2nd. A guy I was racing runs 14.4's with an auto and I was beating him. Hard to tell I haven't ran on in a long time. Should try my edge and see what it says. I am guessing mid 14's with being easy on the clutch. Its my daily driver still so I can't break it right now. Chris
ya mines my daily driver to, i wont beat on it to hard
you also have to be a member of NHRDA to run it is 40 bucks to join then 35 to race
i ran 15.1 with a sh*ty 60ft time... its hard launchin when that tree is in front of you
Ok...Talked to the wife...August 1st I am there @ woodburn for the diesel truck drags :thumbsup:
i ran 15.1 with a sh*ty 60ft time... its hard launchin when that tree is in front of you
You gotta be letting out the clutch when that second to the last yellow light comes on above the green light. Remember, you have to stage for those two lights up top. So you have a little bit of room to roll before you red light cause if I remember right the time doesn't start till you clear the second stage light.

I dunno, that's how I used to do it in my 240sx and it seemed to work most of the time. Every now and then I'd red light, but that was just cause I was in too much of a hurry. Lol. But I haven't done a big truck like ours yet, so it might be different, but I'm thinking not so much. Its a lot easier when they rig the light to flash all yellow before green, cause as soon as you see the yellow lights, you just go! No waiting for the count down.
Whos still planing on going?
I wanna go, but I'm also doing the dyno tomorrow, so we'll see if I have any money left over for next weekend fun. Lol.
Whos still planing on going?
I'm gonna be there. Should be fun. Would be nice to meet up with some of you guys.
how much does it cost to get in
how much does it cost to get in
$15 bucks for adults, age 6-14 is $5, free under age 6. So you will be able to get the best discount by acting your shoe size, and not your age, I suppose. :hehe:

Racers gotta pay $35, and someone posted earlier on here that there is a $40 annual membership fee to be part of the NHRA.

I'm gonna be watching.:shock:
The little woman and I will be there.
Ummm, might make it out there after all. The old lady is heading out of town with her mom to visit family! Freekin sweet! I'm gonna be drunk and partying like a cajun superstar from Thursday night till Sunday! Oh ya!!!!
I'll be there! I'm contemplating bringing the fifth wheel and parking it there the night before. I 'spose I could sleep in it, but that just seems weird cause it's like 25 minutes from the house. I probably will just stay the night. Camping is only 10 bucks and it's first come first serve. Last year it was pretty packed. Actually there probably weren't that many, it's just everyone was driving a big pickup truck and we all gave ourselves plenty of room :headbang:

Who's game? BYOB and burgers and whatnot, the trailer has a small grill. I'm kinda looking forward to chilling under the awning out of the sun. Not sure if Joy and the girls are coming yet. I think I asked her a few weeks ago and she said it didn't sound fun. So it might just be me.......and Chris I'm sure LOL! Partying like a what was it again? :hehe:
If your going to race NHRDA it is 40 to race and you have to be a member. To join is also 40 bucks and it is good for a year. If your going to race and not be in the NHRDA it is 35 and 10 more to get your Competition number.
Im trying to decide between going or a camping trip... leanin heavy tords woodburn.
Im trying to decide between going or a camping trip... leanin heavy tords woodburn.
You should come up Brian. You can grab a bed in the fiver and come up the night before if ya want. I'm not sure about dogs though, you'd have to call and see what the track says.
im lookin forward to it, im guna run my truck. what time the gates open 7 or 8ish? im guna be there early.
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