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So, got my 04 ram 2500 stuck (to the frame) 8-12" of water. None got high enough to get in the cab thankfully. A day or two later I get a P0335 and P0336. Replace the CPS since it's under warranty. Next day it comes back. Now with P0720 and p0581. Trans starts occasionally slipping with this and ABS light and E Brake light as well. Alternator tested and showing 14.6 so I plan on replacing oss tomorrow to try and get off light here, but with a high voltage cruise code as well as replacing the CPS with no results wondering if it may be a ECM or better yet PCM issue?? Also, not sure that it's related but important to note that at the same time as all four codes started my new cell signal booster took a crap on me . Again may be unrelated but still curious on the potential electrical issue
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