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Selling a truck

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I'm really considering selling my 99' Cummins it has 200,000 on it and it's a laramie slt. KBB says its worth about 6500. Do i take into account it has a new tranny with 10,000 on it, new FASS fuel pump and injection pump within 3years. It also had a different motor put into it at 73,000 (I think the original was a 53 block). Do those things vary the price or do you just take into account it's stock kbb price?

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Is your truck an auto or a manual?
It's an automatic
It is just a stock one. I had the local dodge dealership put it in and ended up getting a 3yr/30,000 mile warranty with it. I would have gone built, but at the time it's all i could afford.

Is the new tranny built at all?

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