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sell water/meth to get a cam?

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Well i hardly ever use my water meth injection and when i do i dont really feel any power difference. My egts dont get high enough to really need the cooling of water injection. And i really would like to see what a cam would do to my truck. The more i read about them the more i think it would be a better route for me to go. Im leaning torwards the Helix 2 as it sounds like it has the best feedback and best overall results. Basically im looking for faster spool up and lower egts and a stronger top end because mine feels so slow up top for some reason, i have been told to get the hot unlock for the attitude and that will help. So would i like the benefits a cam would have to offer. Any other things a cam would put stress on that i would have to worry about? THanks
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I've got a snow stage 2 and a hamilton big stick cam. Would I sell the water/meth to buy the cam? No. I wouldn't. I love my cam don't get me wrong. It spools the turbo a lot faster and the mileage is up but the water/meth just amplifies those qualities.
i know more of you guys are running cams
hot unlock is a nice add on...while i dont run a cam yet, it sits pretty high on my list of things to put say keep that h2o/meth and just shell for the cam...i dont know of many guys who have been unhappy once they got their cam installed......once you go bigger, the water/meth will really keep things in check...if you decide to sell though, come my way:thumbsup:
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