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Well, after my long 1200 mile adventure without a voltage regulator, I had my alternator rebuilt and then I installed a self exciting, internal voltage regulator. No wires, just plug and play. Below is a picture guide on how to install it. I could NOT get these parts at any parts store or online anywhere, I had to purchase them from a local alternator shop. I think they where about $30 total. The brand of the part is Transpo and the part numbers off the back of it are: IN220SE-2131-12V. I don't have the part number for the brushes.

I have seen another write up on installing a different kind of internal voltage regulator that requires a feed wire to activate it. This one is self exciting and requires no wires.

You will need to remove the alternator.

Here is the back of our NipponDenso alternators. This is a stock alternator. You will need to start by removing the black plastic guard and the back cover of the alternator.

Next, you need to remove the field terminals and the brushes. Both will be replaced with new, different ones.

Here it is with both the field terminals and brushes removed.

Here are the old parts(right) and the new parts(left) next to each other.

The body of the new voltage regulator will not fit onto the alternator without some modifications:
You can see where my screw driver is pointing here, I had to shave this off with a knife.

Here too:

You will have to shave a “dent” right here. See next picture to see why.

Here is why:

Here are the new parts installed. As you can see, I had to shorten the body of the connector, make it flush with the rest of the regulator. It will be covered up and has no purpose in this application.

Here is another shot:

As you can see, the rear cover of the alternator will not fit with the new regulator. So we need to cut the cover opening.

Here it is with the cover back on it and ready to go!

Another shot. As you can see, the connector I had to shorten is covered up.

Here it is installed on the truck. The harness will not bolt back onto the alternator now because of the regulator finns. So as you can see, I had to cut the two field connectors to get clearance. You may choose to do it a different way if you plan on going back with the ECM voltage regulator later down the road. I have no intention of going back to that.

WITHOUT the grid heaters running here is the output all the time. One of my next projects is to put the grid heaters on a toggle switch! Your voltage will fluctuate as the grid heaters cycle if they are working.

I am very happy with this install and would do it again hands down. I have not had a minutes trouble out of it. This is a good option for those of you who are having problems getting the external voltage regulators to work, as I did. I tried an external voltage regulator from dodge and from local parts stores, with no luck. I tried those suckers every way you can think of, but could not get it to charge.

Feel free to ask any questions!
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