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Second gen lift help

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Hey all, so I am having some issues with my lifted 2001 Ram 2500 24v. My front left tire hits the inside of my fender when I turn. I'm not sure how much the truck is lifted, but its no more than 6", my guess is 4. Its sitting on 35s with something like 3-4" wheel spacers. If the specifics matter I can crawl around under with a tape measure and get the actual numbers. But from what I can tell, the only things done to it was install the spacers on the springs, front and rear. It does have round control arms but they are not adjustable. The front end is visibly pulled over due to the stock non adjustable track bar. That's the first step I was gonna take, and i am wondering, is it worth the extra money and time to do the 3rd gen style, or just get an adjustable version that will be plug and play. I am not scared to do the install and I want to take the best option but I don't want to spend a dime more than necessary, at least not right now. Also, what other parts need to be addressed in order to keep tires out of the fenders on this truck without having to customize my fenders? Or is it a lost cause? Any advice and help would be appreciated. Just trying to formulate a plan of attack on this beautiful piece of wonderful junk.
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Along the line of what CT21 above said, it needs to be inspected by a competent suspension lift shop to determine what you have and need to do correct it.
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