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Seats not heating on remote start.

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Last winter when I would remote start the truck, the seat and steering wheel would activate. It doesn't come on now. I went into the Evic and checked the remote start comfort box, tried it then unchecked and tried again and it didn't work this season.

Does anyone know what temp their supposed to kick on? Is the sensor outside or in the cab? It was 39 outside when I tried it, but i had been driving the truck so the cab temp was warmer. (hense the question about the sensor location)


Shawn C
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from the manual...

When this feature is selected and the remote start is
activated, the heated steering wheel and driver heated
seat features will automatically turn on when temperatures
are below 40° F (4.4° C). When temperatures are
above 80° F (26.7° C) the driver vented seat will turn on
when remote start is activated. These features will stay on
through the duration of remote start or until the key is
turned to RUN. To make your selection, press and release
the SELECT button until a check-mark appears next to
the feature showing the system has been activated or the
check-mark is removed showing the system has been
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below 40

I click the button until its checked, but when I leave the menu, it automatically unchecks. Anyone have this issue?
Make sure you have the key turned on when you check the box. I had the same problem.
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