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Hey guys,
2008 ram 3500 6.7L
Maybe y'all can point me in the right direction. My truck has had some AC issues in the past, which I took care of by replacing some parts. I had to do a service on the AC and ran through the usual vacuum and recharge and my pressures are doing alright, around 32 low side and 200 high side (I am aware my pressures should be higher on the high side, long term i need a new compressor). However one issue has arisen that has come and gone since I have owned the truck and now it wont stop. The engine fan engages at idle for the AC which is normal, all my pressures are fine on my gauges while the truck is idling and the ac is cold. However- the fan wont stop running while I drive the truck, it will engage and then disengage and then re-engage and so forth at all speeds while I am driving even at 70mph on I95. With my understanding the fan is suppose to stop running when the truck hits near 40mph as the condensor should have enough airflow over it. But it keeps on spinning no matter what. Is there a possible high pressure sensor that would cause the Fan to engage if it has gone bad or isnt reading the correct pressure? Where on this system would that be? Appreicate any input, thanks everyone.

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