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scored a lot of stuff tonight!!!

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Got 3 garrett turbos, one has an ats housing
1 switchzer, dunno what for
1 ??? turbo(junk
1 comp box for a 98.5-2000(no Harness)
1 Brand new e-power hot for a 2006-20007 lbz/lly

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so you gonna slang them turbo's?
hey, i'm lookin for a turbo :)
two :thumbsup: man :D
i got a ht3b sitting at my house got to go threw it and see if its ok and it might go up for sale cheep
sweet, well if so let me know. i really wanna do the HT3B twin setup. you guys know where i can get the plumbing for it, or is it better to just make it all... i'm not that good at that type of fabrication though, so i'd like to find a kit...

or CHIPN14 you gonna sell me your setup?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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