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scored a lot of stuff tonight!!!

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Got 3 garrett turbos, one has an ats housing
1 switchzer, dunno what for
1 ??? turbo(junk
1 comp box for a 98.5-2000(no Harness)
1 Brand new e-power hot for a 2006-20007 lbz/lly

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possibly, if i can make one of em work on my truck i might, but if not ya, none of em have much play, i need to get pics and post em up tomorrow and get #'s for em...
i'll post up pics tomorow of them and if you like make me an offer, i dunno if anythings wrong with them though, there still out in the back of mighty ******,
like i said though dunno what they came off of, but i wasnt gonna leave em sittin there
you'd be better off to build your own plumbing... imo
#1 Garrett w/ats housing

#2 Garrett(front)

#3 Garrett(back)


ATS E-power

any help on what these are or offers are welcome...
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ok, well i think im just gonna pull a couple of them apart and recycle em hahah got some good metal on em
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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