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School Me please

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I just bought this truck 3 months ago as a work truck, pulling 8500 lbs 75% of the time. The mechanic who just rebuilt my tranny, (beefed up to severe duty) yes I destroyed my tranny already.....mechanic said it was the worst he'd ever seen, but thats besides the point. My mechanic said that the other weak link on this truck was the injector pump and lift pump.(he owns a cummins) Now he said that my injector pump was brand new and that the little lift pump was not? Now if I understood him correctly, its the lift pump that go's out and makes the high dollar injector pump die from doing all the work. So why would the previous owner replace the injector pump and not the lift pump. Please school me on this problem and wat i can do to prevent another high dollar repair on a truck Ive only had 3 months. Thanks
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get yourself a high pressure fuel pump. and you will be set, the former owner might of had reason to replace the injection pump, but the week point is your lift pump take care of that and you'll be set.
FASS or Airdog are the best replacements for the lift pump. They will run you about $500-650 depending on which brand and model you get. They replace the lift pump completely.

They mount back beside the fuel tank and have one line running all the way directly into the injection pump.

Buy yourself one of those systems and you'll be set on the fueling issues.

This and the trans are the big things to take care of. After that it's time to mod it up! :$::$::$::peelout
the injection pump isnt the big problem, its more the lift pump. a good FASS or airdog is great but on the less expensive side you can get just the pump for 4 hundred or so (HPFP)
Yes, there is nothing wrong with the vp44 injection pump, rather it is the lift pump that feeds it. If my memory serves me correctly the VP44 is lubricated by the diesel fuel it pumps so if you starve it for fuel it will fail.
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