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Scheid or Underground Diesel

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Hey yall

I'm not new to the site, I just forgot my username and p-word including the email used to register...time for a new username!

This year so far I have been a bit bust, returned from deployment, got a divorce, had a miscarriage and got out of the army....yay. fml.

Forgive me for not filling my obligations to the forum! lol

I work out in the oil fields in midland, I am on call 24-7. I have no life!!! But a good pay check.

On to business!!

Its a 2006 mega cab 5.9 with 189k, all driven by yours truly lol. I want to be running twins also.

I am wanting to get my truck done up nice.

I have a kelderman 6-10 inch kit on the way...can't wait!

But I am wanting to be at about 800 to 1k on power numbers. I do have the tools and knowledge to do it myself, but absolutely no time to do it without taking long it will never get done.

Anyone have any experience with underground diesel out of NV?? I shot them a e-mail, but apparently they aren't taking me seriously when I ask them how long its gonna take them to do it.

I already know scheid is good, but anyone have any problems with them?

I have buddies that live out in effingham IL which isn't far from them if Im not mistaken, possibly same town.

I'm shooting for a heck of a hauler, and a fun toy. I do haul alot of big time trailers, anything from huge horse trailers to wireline equipment.

Basically anyone have any experience with these companies, any pro's/cons?

The truck is a daily driver but does not have to be, I have an 02 also.

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Nobody have any experience with underground?

Seems they mostly deal with duramax....hrrmm.

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well i know what parts I would need and all that. Like I said I could do it myself.

But Im asking if anyone has any experience with these companies. I work an insane amount and my 4 days off a month isnt enough to get it all done. Thats why im just opting for someone else to do it.
ah.... on my part! I was in a rush while posting it.

Lets try this again!
can I get a mod to make this thread go poof?
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