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saturday the 6 of feb

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is anyone down to maybe have a together that day or night?
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Only if its in cheyenne or laramie lol
I agree with razocow, Laramie or Cheyenne and I am there.
yeah i was thinking cheyenne. maybe like the outlaw or something or go out to eat. don't matter to me. just want to put names to faces and talk trucks.
Would be cool. To bad Sanfords doesn't have a big parking lot.
I might be going down to denver to see the gradnparents. But if I am not I would like to meet up.
anyone else have some idea's?
Saturday is open for me. I wont be headed down to Denver till sunday. Just let me know what you guys have in mind.
alright. the bar is probably out just cuz i don't know if everyone is over 21. we could do jacksons or old Chicago. they both have a lot of beer and if ur under 21 in can still go in.
Old Chicago is cool with me, never been to Jacksons. Dinner or lunch, doesn't matter.
I'm game. 21 to boot.
Im out, have to work....
ima go if its in laramie, stupid univerity pay schedule leaves me broke half the time.
Doesnt matter to me where we meet. How many people we lookin at?
Hey Al why dont you hitch a ride if it is over here... how about w meet at um Sanfords tho... I thnk they have better food, also if we coordinate we should be able to get everyone parked since they tore down the bank that was north of the hardees there and made it a parking lot.. OC has some sh!tty food IMO lol
i c how it is levi comes in here and starts telling us how it is just cuz he think he the chapter president or something. :rof:rof:rof i'm down for sanfords. fine with me.
theres also the big parking lot right behind hardees i think it is?
Im in. Ya thers a lot just east by the hardees.
jwhite44. i like the government saying. and it's oh so true
1 - 20 of 90 Posts
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