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San Antonio transmission shop

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A friend of mine and I dropped his truck off at patriot transmission for a warranty job 2 days after thanksgiving. Today January 4 2013 he got a phone call that the guy should be done today. The story leading to this amount of time in the shop is that he didnt even get parts ordered from the original vendor (who has been very helpful) until around Christmas. He told my buddy that he had talked to them and everything was getting taken care of. Well after almost a month my buddy called the original builder and they hadnt heard from him, so this in my opinion makes the owner of patriot transmission a liar. After christmas, rent was due for my trailer lot and my checkbook was in his truck at this shop. We called ahead and told him we were coming to get some stuff out of the truck and got there and noone was in the shop area and no sign is posted saying noone is allowed in shop area without supervision so I started looking for my checkbook. He showed up saying we could get shot for being in his shop, and then asked what I was looking for. I said my checkbook and he replied, its nothing we took. So I said its been here for a month and I cant find it, so I'm gonna keep looking. Then he decides to freak out and start cussing and yelling about put the f*#king truck on a wrecker and get it out of here. I told him its not my truck so im not gonna fight about this I found my checkbook and I walked out. My buddy stayed behind and argued with him about how slow he was and apprently got everything smoothed out. Sorry for the long rant but I just wanted to share my experience with patriot transmission in San Antonio.
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Took mine a few months ago to gerald kosub in china grove A+ service
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