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Same problem day 2

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I posted a question yesterday, got some good answers however I am still stuck. 2002 4X4 quad cab 75,000 miles, Banks 4inch with power elbow, super chips programmer set on safe tow. While towing fifth wheel home from Colorado comming up out of Slate Creek on good old 87 the truck like hit a rev limiter or something power went away, I let off and re stabbed it power came back, it did this 4 or 5 times. Checked fuel pressure at idle 12 psi replaced fuel filter even though it is only 4 months old, it has a code P0216 injector timing, could I get this code from using the super chips programmer and I am guessing the timing is achieved through the computer and not a mechanical adjustment. As I have mentioned I am new to working on diesels hope some one can give me a clue.
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if your gonna upgrade the lift pump, i would go with the fass or airdog setup, the holley's work good if your on a budget though, as long as you regulate your pressure to 12-16 psi you should be fine.
:agree2: I would say the same thing! :thumbsup
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