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Safely start engine with transmission removed?

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I am pulling my transmission for other reasons but while it is out I was thinking of starting the engine to see if my idle vibration is still there. Very slight vibration rythym, not sure if the converter could be causing it. I know the engine will sit flat with trans out but not sure if I should start it.
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Just crank on the key and see what happens. Bypass neutral safety switch, adequatelly stabilize engine, A flywheel would be nice or flex plate for starting.

The worst it could do would be jump around in engine compartment or go into orbit beside Space Station. HaHa
seen plent of engines start and run on a dyno stand. Very few had a trans mounted on it. :thumbsup:
I was about to do this. My truck is waiting on a trans. The only important thing other than it bouncing around is I remember something in the trans removal procedure about removing the crank position sensor. I assume that's because it could hit something if the engine falls forward. I was just going to look it over and let her rip. OH yeah. No exhaust will be loud.
I just connected the range selector and used some calipers on the range plunger that had a screw trype adjustment. I adjusted until the reverse lights were on then a little farther to try and get park. Many tries later went for neutral and after about 18 times under my truck and back up I never got neutral or park. I need a pair of eyes while I adjust or my switch is bad. It does have trans fluid leaking from it now after being out for over a month.

Post how yours goes if you do it.
Remove crank position sensor?? There's nothing for it to hit...

I don't see a problem, don't think it's going to rock a whole lot.
you will be fine
Yeah I looked nothing for the CPS to hit. I was sure it was on the trans removal procedure but I don't see why. Maybe it's my foggy memory.
I don't know? I've not read it, just seems odd that would be mentioned. But hey, it could certainly be there.

I just went out with some sockets and ratchets and went to work.:hehe:
Go for it. I've had lots of motors running in frame with no transmission. No problems

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Thanks for the info. I may have to make a jumper for the neutral safety switch but I think that's all I need to start it. Just didn't want to tear my fan/ shroud/ radiator/cooler/ condenser/trans cooler/ ps cooler/ grill and hood up.
I don't know? I've not read it, just seems odd that would be mentioned. But hey, it could certainly be there.

I just went out with some sockets and ratchets and went to work.:hehe:
You gotta think. I spend an awful lot of time bobbing around in the ocean thinking about what I need to do when I make landfall. Manuals are my reading material if I'm not fishing at night.
Slight derail but what do you fish for? Have your own boat?
Primarily target Marlin and Tuna then dorado then whahoo in that order. We bottom fish for snapper and bait while were anchored at night. Had a world all tackle record two weeks ago but we ate it. (oops)
I've had quiet a few boats but I don't think I'll buy anything more than a 20 something foot boat for lakes ever again.
After being smaller boat owner then, mechanic, chief engineer, and captain I can safely say
DON'T BUY A BOAT unless you have the money to throw away.
I now captain a 50 ft sportfish boat. We do all the local tournaments and fun fish.
Waywardtravel, what's your occupation? Merchant Marine? I'm currently sailing 1st a/e on the F/T Pacific Glacier. (Large Factory Trawler)
I'm a a boat whore.
My MMD is Master 500tons (captain), I sailed as chief engineer for years on mega yachts and built a few as project engineer. I was a port engineer, captained all kind a floating stuff pleasure and commercial. The commercial stuff was most all sonar related.

I run a 50 ft sport fisher now for some people who like to have fun. I full circled back to my passion as far as boats go. Women and fish.

I'm located on the Canal in Panama so I help some of my old boats with operations and logistics when they come through to keep contacts up and my brain working.

Yes I have a merchant mariners document but I'm more of a boat whore. I do many different things but really all the same. Make the boat work.

I want to go out near you for some 900 plus pound blue fin. We might be next year. I think were probably taking this boat to the Bahamas for a marlin tournament then mess around there for a couple months.
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That trawler looks over 300ft. How big is that thing?


OP have you started your truck? Did you start your truck?

I'm off to install a hydraulic ram for a crane, bleed that, throw in a new pool pump for a bait tank, buy tons of beer (for the boat) and if there is still daylight maybe back to start my truck. I'm ohm out the switch though and bypass it.
the boat I work on is 275ft, I work out of Alaska mostly. Company is based out of Seattle. We fish Pollock up North and we're off of Oregon right now fishing Hake. But yea back in Maine Tuna is the way to go. I hope to get out next year for some tuna fishing, didn't make it out this year. I hold a 3rd A/E unlimited, putting in for my Chief fishing/2nd A/E unlimited after this hitch. Let me know if you guys are in Maine at anytime.
Who are you working for?
I worked out of seattle ship yard and ports.
I used to have a 500 ton drydock at Jacobson terminal right inside the locks, then worked at north lake shipyard and Stabberts place for years.
It's official my range sensor is bad. I had a neighbor watch the column and I messed with the sensor. We were only able to get it to show park for a second then it went away. I cant ohm a broken sensor so I need to look up the pin out's. Does anyone know what wire is signal and return wire for neutral or park? Is it interrupt power or ground. I'm just thinking in my head that it doesn't have enough wires for every gear so it must use varied resistance for one or more.
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