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Safe power? Does it really exisist?

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Ok what's up all my piston clankin, boost eatin, diesel drinkin cummins owners.... So topic of discussion? If you can't guess from my title read no further... So I have a S.O cummins 24v 47re tranny no problems. My truck is stock except for an afe stage2 intake, a mbrp 4" exhaust and I took out the silencer ring from the turbo. Ok so we all know there are literally thousands of ways to add power... Now the basics are obviously tuners.... Plug em in and have fun! Now for those of you who have the GOD given blessed 47re that's a problem... They can't handle it... There are other forms of tuners ie boost foolers... Now I want a smarty jr for my truck it's really all I need but know I need to do some tranny work but what are some other basic upgrades that won't hurt the long run dependability of my baby? I've been looking at a banks monster ram intake elbow, or better intercooler or bigger turbo.... Give me a few tips or hints my wise friends.... I look forward to hearin from ya until then whistle loudly my friends
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Safe power really depends on the budget. If you tune it don't leave it on hot, use your milder tunes for daily driving, youll have "more reliable" power.

Always when ever you mod do some bullet-proofing, that way it will still be reliable. Like head studs.

I'm not familiar with your trans but I'm sure you can send it in and get it built to handle the extra power.

I did the tuner, intake elbow, 4" turbo back, intake and all that little good stuff. If I do a turbo I'll also be doing head studs and an intercooler.

Just make sure you don't blow your head off, keep your EGT's in check and make sure your trans can handle it. Thats "reliable" power in my mind.
Ya I'm hoping to have the jr and leaving it on level 2 and never moving it. I wanna take my 03 to the million mile trouble free club but might not make it I have a rather heavy right foot. So we shall see but these motors take a heavy right foot rather well
If you can get any tuner one on one and get their honest opinion, they'll tell you that either stock or at the most, a 60-70hp bump is perfectly safe. Above that and things start dropping off. Above that and you have to start monitoring things and spending lots of money on upgrading the rest of the truck to handle the power. Then you have to start thinking about how you drive it. At a certain point, the truck becomes too strong for anyone not familiar with it to drive in anything but perfect weather. Even then, ever tried driving a high hp truck on wet or icy roads? It can be interesting if you aren't keenly aware of what's going on. Hell my truck can surprise me at times. But that's just 12yrs of experience talking. I'm sure the resident crowd will tell you otherwise.
People say that but youll try all the power levels, we all do! I'm guilty for it. Just do it for play and switch it back when your done.

And keep in mind with power comes tires! My Opencountries lasted 40K before I needed to replace them. I had my TrailGrapplers for 3 months and they need a rotate already.
I said a Jr would be all I would need when I bought this truck, I'm going for 900 wheel now :hehe:
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Stock power is the most reliable !! But who likes stock??? Haha, the only problem with adding just a "little tune" is that the "little tune" don't last long an your bored, then ya add a little more, then more, then more. Then before you know it your 10k in an havin a blast, your wallets not but you are!! So just remember if you've got good self control you'll be able to handle a little. But always add the support mods first
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Absolutely! I agree big bi dodge, I'm trying to be safe as possible, I hope in buying the smarty jr I will be able to avoid the crazy "killer" tunes and be responsible with my truck.
Go to the sticky at the top of the page and read basic supporting mods that will help out a lot some good fuel filtration is always a good start to save injectors and injector pump
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I can't find the support mods thread, but I will dig a little deeper, the delayed gratification will be worth it... In my opinion better to wait patiently and add right! Better to not add than add wrong I guess... I wanna get a sun coast shift kit and 2disc torque converter. But all that's doing is adding a "weaker link" a little further down the line... Unfortunately for me the power bug sinks his teeth in deeper every time I turn my key over haha!
Sounds like you already have the bug just dont want to admit it. Jr will turn into Sr. Then twins and more fuel. If it were safe why play? LOL Enjoy the truck
It's in the second sticky at the top of the page frequently asked questions or you could search for it I don't know how to copy it to this thread
Once upon a time, I said the same thing about stock. Then I grew up and realized that screwing with your daily driver is about as smart as screwing a hooker.
I agree to a point. Spend the money wisely and upgrades make a world of difference. Kinda like a back ally hooker or a high price call girl. You get what you pay for.
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