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s400 turbo info help

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I been looking for Information on this turbo with no luck. Its a s410 from a mercedes 4000 450hp engine. i dont have the id tag its missing but It measurements are comp 67.5 by 93 turbine is 87 by 78. These are not 100% measurements but very close. The comp wheel specs out almost same or is same as a s467. The exhaust side is larger tho. The reason this turbo caught my eye other than free is that the 467 flows around 95lbs a min. This is s472 flow numbers with less lag!! The plan is to compound this and have great drive ability. I cant find any Information on the turbine housing size. Its like a t6 but divided d port shape which is no big deal tho just like to know the ar. Also whats everyones thoughts on the larger exhaust wheel. Any help is greatly appreciated
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