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S-10 w/ Cummins?

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Hey guys, ive been playing with the idea of trying to get someone to install a 4 cyl. cummins out of a potato chip truck into an S-10. Does anyone have any advise on how difficult a job like that would be? Also any advise from anyone.
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i dont think it would be too hard, u would probably have to box the frame because of all the torque
there are a few videos of people doing them in rangers jeeps etc, i think a few people on here have done it if not with a ranger instead of an s10, but it's a fair amount of work, welding and late nights with a beer within arms length.
Well im not much or any kind of a fabracator of any sort. I just come up with ideas but dont have the know how to make stuff happen. Might talk to a diesel shop near by and see what he thinks about the idea and if he could do it with some help and some free advertisment on the back and front window. The back window may be tied up with a couple of 4" stacks. :peelout:lol3::lol3:
a buddy of mine put a 4cyl. cummins in his dad's 67 c-10 custom chevy
There is a lot of work to doing this. Are you going to use the 3.3 or 3.9. The 3.9 would be harder to fit in there, but ,might be easier to do in the long run because they are the same as the 5.9.
Well, neither one is going to be a simple chore...

I would just be a little concerned about the height of the engine and trying to get the hood to close!
Not that bad as long as you are good with tools. I was going to do the same thing but with a 5.9, but never found a decent s-10 to work with.
Thanks for the input guys. Begle1 thanks for the link to the forum also.
S-10's suck, sorry man, Ranger Power all the way, actually I've just noticed the s-10's dont seem to hold up as well, the ranger front end is nearly bullet proof I think is why so many people use them, the d-50 frame is about as flimsy as the s-10's also!!!! I know because I have one at the house I wanted to put a big block in.
There are some serious advantages to a conversion with the 4bt. The biggest issue with the Cummins conversions is the availability of a stick tranny, which is what most people want. I have heard of mating them to a 4 speed, but something to consider is that the old Getrag that wouldn't live behind a 6bt with any mods would probably be pretty happy behind even a fairly warmed up 4bt.

An S10 would be kind of a good donor in a way as the 2.5 is a complete pile, so you can get one cheap. Big time fabrication. Big (BIG) money to have someone do it for you. Nobody is going to do it for a window sticker. Be ready to shell out at least 10 grand. The hardest part of most engine conversions is mating up the transmission, and since you can use a stock clutch and transmission, you are only left with motor mounts, trans mount, driveshafts, frame gusseting and basic fitment and plumbing.

Basically a good rule of thumb with something like this is if you have to ask, it may be over your head. But that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. We live in an era of BOUNTIFUL information to learn nearly anything. The limiting factor is basically your level of determination. :)
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