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My 2003 5.9 started running like crap and almost like it was in limp mode this morning. Its been running just fine no issues, ran fine going to fire call, idled on scene for the 10min the call lasted, drove back to the firehouse fine, idled there for 10min, the when i went to leave I accelerated onto the road made it approx 60ft and the truck started running rough and very little speed / power. During the 1 mile drive to my house it mostly ran rough but a few times suddenly ran good for 5-10 seconds then back to rough.

Codes thrown

p0514 Powertrain
p0541 Intake air heater circuit low
p2607 Intake air heater B circuit low
p2149 Fuel injector group B supply voltage circuit / open
p2609 Intake air heater system performance

My truck is stock, only change made was upgrade to a MBRP turbo back exhaust several years ago. Injectors were changed last Feb/Mar. And based on what i searched on here yes my air intake grid is still in place, Ive never touched it. (Kinda need it since I'm in the NE) And I run a MOPAR winter front. New batteries last November (2013) My fire dept radios siren and lights all work just fine as does the truck stock stereo. Only light on on dash is CEL.

What does everyone think? Could this be some kind of electrical issue, bad ground or connection somewhere?
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