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rpm flutter while driving?

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2000, 5.9, auto, edge chipped but otherwise little done to it. 250,000 Ks.

a few days ago i noticed a slight and quick drop or 'flutter' in the engines RPM while on the highway and the check engine light come on. it didnt do it again for a day or two and the engine light went off on its own. then yesterday it did the same thing (slight flutter in RPM) more frequently, here and there (engine light turned on again). then on the way home from work my tachometer needle dropped dead for about 4 seconds and the engine sounded like it was fluttering or misfiring quite heavily till the tach came back alive and i got home.
checked the codes and of course all i get is the p1693 (issue in other computer module) but haven't had a way to see the other codes yet.

initial thoughts until i can get it checked out?
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...probably want to post this in the 24 valve section. ;)
P7100 vs Very Poor 44

Yuk, you have a VP44 and Electronic over pump Fuel Control:hehe:.

We don't have any electronic monitoring of our P7100 fuel inj system. :blues:

The beauty is the simplistity:party018:

come back and join us when you P Pump your 24v:buttkick:
Sorry, wrong section.
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