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rough idle/poor accelleration 0148

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I'm reposting this under a different less specific title in hopes of a few more opinions. I apologize for the length, but it'll give you the back story.

Codes: 0148, 0088, 0193, 0251.

This whole thing started with a stall and no start that led to a tow and a scan and a bad FPS. Replaced, ran great for a couple days. Then stalled and died and got restarted several times. Thought it could be FCA so replaced. Changed fuel filter. Ran for a couple days, then same problem. Towed, diagnosed at diesel performance shop, determined it was bad lift pump. Replaced with FASS. (no gauge) Also, bad fuel. Cleaned out tank and fuel lines during FASS install.

Ran great for a week, then threw check engine light and started lumpy, rough cold idle... went away after a few minutes. Did this for two weeks until I took it in Thursday. Came up 0148, injector cut-out test showed no variation. They swapped out fca just to test, but wasn't the problem either. Recommend pulling injectors and checking return rates, to determine whether injectors or CP#.

Now, after their test, my truck ran great for a 20 miles. Parked it for an hour. Restarted and coming to a stop it sputtered and check engine light came on, then started idling like crap again. But ALSO hesitated off the line. (about 2 sec) No probs at higher speeds.

Some history:
The former owner had 4 injectors replaced 32k miles ago... along with the cp3 which he thinks the shop damaged while testing injectors. (I don't know whether that's possible). At any rate, that would maybe jibe with the current problem.

I have checked ECM voltage, tightened injector tubes, along with a host of other things I mentioned and it's still bad. I threw 3 more codes last night after disconnecting batteries. 0088 and 0193 and indicated HIGH rail pressure and FRP sensor high. Also had P0251... Fuel Injection Pump Mechanical Failure Fuel Valve Feedback Circuit.

Thoughts? :confused013:
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