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roof rust and cab light questions!

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ok, so im going to be sanding, sealing and priming and painting my roof this evening or tomorrow to hopefully last the next few years. any suggestions here?

also, i got cab lights, 5 of them, but i dont know the mounting locations. could somoone measure there cab lights for me for me and tell me, the 3 light that are close in the center, how far off the center light are the outside too (measuring from the center of the light) and how far from the center light are the two furthest outside lights? (measuring from the center of the light also). thanks guys!
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Center the middle marker light to the middle of the cab. 5" back from the drip rail edge.

From the center of the middle marker light. It is 7" to the center of the two center outer markers.

From the center of the middle marker light it is 14 3/4" to the center of outer marker lights.

My markers are 5" from the front edge of the drip gutter to the front edge of the light lens. This is all lights. They all hold the same spacing on this measurement.
right on, thanks man. just what i needed.

you have a pic of what yours look like?
One thing I didn't add if your truck has a cargo light on the back of the cab that is where you can feed the wires from for the markers. It gives you access between the inner and outer roof panels.

Here is the best one I have uploaded. If you want a better one let me know.

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thats a great pic for me to go off of. thanks. i DO have a cargo light. ill be pulling my headliner to check it out tomorrow evening. thanks. is it wired into your headlight switch or the fuse box?
The duallys came with factory upper marker lights.

There is no reason to pull the headliner. All you will be seeing is a lot of sheet metal with no access to the area the light wires would run into.

I can get a pic of a inside roof with the headliner removed. My replacement cab has the headliner out of it.
I'm working on doing the same thing adding marker lights that is
what do you mean feed the wire's from the rear cargo light? feed for power or just ease of access?
the truck i pulled mine from had one wire going down the piler and exited to the light swich is this the route to go?
Pull the cargo light out. Then you have access between the two roof sections to run wires. Pickup power for the wire from the headlight switch.

While your in there also install a relay and off load all the light from the headlight switch. That way your not burning up switches and headlight wiring plugs. It is a noted common problem on these trucks.
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