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Roaring tire noise

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Have about 6000 miles on my new Ram 3500 dually crewcab. Recently it developed a roaring noise or loud wind noise in what seems to be the front left wheel. When speed increases the noise increases. I know it’s not wind noise from the widow as it occurs when the widow is down. When I say loud when noise that’s the best I can describe it or roaring noise. Any ideas could it be the tire with such low miles. If it’s the tire do I go to the dealer? Is that where I start? Thanks
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Not the fan. Going to dealer tomorrow
Well today I got my truck back from the dealer. When I took it in I told the underwriter the noise was so loud that I felt it was unsafe to drive. I aslso told them I think it’s probably a wheel bearing. Okay are you ready for this I would never had guessed it- they replaced the second cab light noise completely gone. It had a hole in it. The Teck said that he thought it was coming from the windshield but could not find anything wrong, when he touched the cab light the noise went completely away. Who would have thought!!!
I woundered about that as well😳
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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