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Risk of runaway

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I’ve been adjusting the ve some today to get everything possible out of it. My son and I turned up the fuel to the point of runaway, then backed it off to where it returns to idle after a short wot rev. I feel like it’s good but while I’m standing here (still shaking from how hard it is to kill the engine when running away) thinking could it runaway while out hot rodding the truck?
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Naaaa you have a way's to go Bud . you only have a 518 you will destroy that before needing more Power :) I'm well above you and got smart and went 47rh that will be your Next Money Dump LOL .
^^^^this..... I’m in the same boat, I’m on the hunt for a 47rh currently but they are pretty hard to find. Of course when I didn’t have the money I’d see them all the time!!!!!
You want a built one ? I can help with that if need be .?? Message me

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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