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Risk of runaway

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I’ve been adjusting the ve some today to get everything possible out of it. My son and I turned up the fuel to the point of runaway, then backed it off to where it returns to idle after a short wot rev. I feel like it’s good but while I’m standing here (still shaking from how hard it is to kill the engine when running away) thinking could it runaway while out hot rodding the truck?
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We did just that. Truck ran great with no issue. Thanks for the advice!

Unfortunately I may have outgrown the ve... need mo powwa!!!
Me... I’m ready fo moa fo shoa hahaha

My setup is: 93 12v, studs, maxed 12mm ve, fuel pin, m&h timing device, skipped a tooth timing advance, 5x14’s, he351cw/s475 compounds, fass 165gph. Transplanted into a CCLB super duty, zf6 manual trans, 850hp rated DD clutch, 488: gears, 40” tires, ladder bars.

This was my ultimate/dooms day truck project. Truck will do bout anything. Tow heavy no problem. Rip through the gears down the beach. Can get out the way or leave your behind pretty damn quick for its size. Roast tires, yank tree stumps and bull doze houses if ya want hahaha all getting decent fuel mileage.

The truck has never seen a shop, Ever. All work done by myself over a 8 year period with the help of friends and of coarse this forum. I came here not knowing anything. Still have tons to learn.
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I’ve been very pleased and content with the truck since the compounds done a couple years ago. But shortly after that I bought a new 4th gen 6.7 CTD for my DD. Once I deleted the 6.7 and put a programmer on it it was over. God bless the 4th gen Dodge Cummins! I absolutely love it! But the reality is I’ve almost killed the 68rfe in 20k miles hahaha so I’m driving it sensibly trying to not drop 10k on a built 68 or 48 swap. I don’t have that kine $$$ flow anyway... It just makes dollar sense to make the dooms day fummins build into a sick 700- 800hp streetable truck to feed my hp jones haha

Unfortunately, pretty sure that means p pump swap
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