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Reviewing TSB's for 1996

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I was looking through TSB's for 96' and I found two uncorrected conditions on my 96' that match the TSB description exactly. My truck is all stock with 94k miles. Anyone have any more info on these two TSBs or info on thier technical/corrective action and verification?


Creaking noise from rear of vehicle.
The diagnosis involves the inspection of the rear leaf spring assembly to verify the appropriate
number of spring tip inserts are present. If tip inserts are broken or missing the repair procedure
is detailed in the TSB.



Droaning noise/vibration.
The symptom typically occurs at maximum load and is engine speed specific - 1900 rpm for 4x2
models, 1850 rpm for 4x4 models with the truck in fourth gear and the torque converter clutch
locked up. If the problem is identified, a repair procedure involving a revised propeller shaft with
a yoke weight damper is described.

94-’96 (BR)
With automatic
transmission and 5.9
Turbo Diesel engine.
Note: ‘96 2500 club
cab, 155 WB 4x4 with
heavy duty transfer
case built after 5/9/96
have the revised
propeller shaft.
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Are you getting TSBs confused with recalls?
A TSB be is just a recommendation for dealer mechanics to diagnose or fix certain problems.
Usually the TSBs have the complete instructions when used in conjunction with pages in the factory service manual mentioned in the TSB
TSBs come out after the FSM was written because as time goes along problems come up that the manual didn't cover.
Just picked this one because it was easy, note that in about the 10th line down it refers you to the FSM.
Then again several times at the bottom.
TSB 14-07-96 Rev. A

If you have a paper FSM there are tear out pages in the back for you to report mistakes and additions but they only use them to edit the manuals for a couple of years.
TSBs are here also Dodge Ram Pickup TSB index
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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