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Been a few years since my '01 24V 2500, but finally talked the better half into a 2020 Laramie for a 5th wheel when we retire (hopefully soon). Beautiful after the nightmare of my daughters F-350 6.0L with repairs every weekend.
This is my first DEF vehicle. I've looked at some forum discussions about DEF burn rates. However, both DEF and fuel tanks showed full when we picked the truck up. 271 miles and I'm over half full fuel and under half full DEF. I had read that DEF was 2-3% usage rate of fuel, but that doesn't seem to be what I'm seeing on first tank unless dealer didn't top it off. Not many DEF pumps in New Hampshire. Headed on a 900 mile trip next week and don't know what to expect on DEF usage. Is the 2-3% accurate?
Thanks in advance,
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