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I've ran their 5000k kit in my ford for 3.5 years and 50k miles. Zero issues.<br />
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I'm going to do their projector retrofit into the dodge I just got.<br />
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Originally Posted by <strong>moose2514</strong>
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<div style="font-style:italic">Wiring is something I have OCD with I do it right so I don't have to do it again or chase nightmares... That being said I grounded the ballast to the trucks frame, scuffed it up of course. And retro is a company that sells other ppls products they don't have any "solutions" they just have problems<br />
And just be aware when you do have an issue ya they will write you back and say "aww we're sorry to hear that but here's a form for warranty good luck and have a nice day". Then guess what.. You pay to have it shipped there and back and say its an intermittent problem and they test it and it works fine... Your beat! Garbage garbage garbage. Ya my headlights still work great but when they do go out I can't just put my old bulb back in since I Sid projectors, so then it's back to square one spending all this money on crap...</div>

</div>I've had nothing but great customer service with them, I broke the adapter to put the light into the housing and they sent out a new one free of charge. I also had a friend kill a ballast due to bad ground and not using dielectric grease and they replaced it without question.
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