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Replacing front hubs

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Not how I wanted to spend my weekend.
But my hub assembly went out.
Things you DO NOT NEED TO DO,
remove the diff cover.
disconnect the axel shaft.:badidea:

First take you wheel off.

Then Disconnect you brake assembly

After that using a pry bar, stick it in between your axle or u-joints, this will prevent your axle from spinning while you loosen axle bolt, be sure to remove the cotter pin.
That bolt is a 44MM socket

Then pull your rotor off

After that disconnect you tie rod

Then remove the dust cover

Now you will need to motivate the hub off with a hammer or air chisel.

After that this is what you should look like

There are no bearing to replace, by themselves on our trucks.
It is one unit.
This is what it looks like.

And comes with a new ABS sensor.

Slide the new unit on, and use a rubber mallet to get it started, BE SURE THAT YOU SEAT IT ON CORRECTLY.

After you get that on start your bolts

And then tighten the bolts evenly, to suck it up against the housing.

After you have done that, now get you axle bolt and tighten it down.
(this bolt needs to be torqued to 185ft/lbs)
Then insert the cotter key in the hole.
Doing this will prevent the nut from vibrating off.

Now you can put your rotor back on.

Now put your brake assembly back together.

Then the tie rod

Then connect the new ABS sensor to the brake lines(they are equipped with clips.

Then connect the sensor and stick the nipple behind you inner fender in it's proper hole.

Now put your tire back on, tighten the lug nuts.
Let the truck off the jack stands get in crank it up and listen to her whistling dixie.:party018:

If I missed anything I'm sorry.:imiss: :doh:
Hope this helps.
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moved to the tech section and made it a Sticky

nice work :thumbsup
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