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Replaced Fuel Filter...No Priming? Please help ASAP!!

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I just replaced my fuel filter, but now when I press the little valve to prime the system no air or fuel comes out...nothing is coming out. And yes, I kicked the lift pump via ignition.
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Did you hear the fuel pump run for 20 seconds or so?
I did, its definitely running for 20 seconds, but no air is coming out. Do I need to bump the lift pump several times until it fills the fuel filter?
how to prime fuel system on cummins 5.9 - YouTube

I haven't done this myself, but this guy seems to have a pretty good video of how it should all work.
I watched several videos before doing this filter change. I am doing exactly what he is doing in the video and yet there still is no air or gas coming out.
Do I need to open the screw next to the nipple on the injection pump? because if thats the answer thats what I didn't do.

Please Help, I'm at my buddies house doing this and I gotta meet the GF and friends for dinner soon :banghead:
wish I could help more. I would doubt that you need to undo the other screw. The schraeder valve in the pump should be adequate to release air and/or fuel. That said I've never done this myself. Good luck.
no problem, I appreciate you trying.

I just accidentally started the truck when I was bumping primer and then it automatically shut off....What do I do now???
Have some one crank 10-15 seconds at a time while you crack the injector lines loose one at a time until you get fuel. It will fire.
I just went through this last week. EXACT SAME SCENARIO- Replaced the lift pump and boom! Good to go. I all i can think of is that the pump was to weak to prime the system. I was having hard start issues... long cranking times with no fire
That's why I fill the fuel filter canister 3/4 full of clean fuel before installing a new filter & o-ring.

Now ya gotta go through the priming drill.

Looks like you need to shed the air in the injectors & lines.

To prime the system,
Charge the batteries, you're gonna be calling on them.

Be sure the fuel filter canister is full of fuel.

Disconnect the battery charger...very important.
Turn the keyswitch just enough to "bump" the starter to get The Free 25 Second Lift Pump Run.

Your lift pump pressure gauge should show 10 psi or greater.

Loosen the fittings on #1, #3 & #4 injectors with a 3/4" open end wrench.

Crank the engine for 10 seconds then check and tighten any wet, dripping fuel injector fittings.
Repeat the 10 second cranks & tighten the wet injector fittings until the engine kicks, trying to start then tighten the remaining loose fittings and start the engine.
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You can prime the filter by bumping it and cracking the 18 pipe plug on top of the filter bracket and then do the same at the return line on the VP. Do that and crank on it some and it will like start. If it stops once crank it a bit more again and it will usually start without having to do the injectors unless it has been sitting with an open system. Do it like brakes where you close it while it is pumping out so air does not get back in it.
I had the exact same problem.... replaced pump even though it was running, it was running but wasnt actually pumping fuel.... try a different pump......
X2 on Clunk! If you don't have any diesel laying around just fill the canister with some tranny fluid.
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