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rental car policy

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Hey all, unfortunately I'm having some prob's with my truck and there is no resolution in sight. My question specifically is Ram's rental car policy. I can't find where the warranty mentions anything about rental cars at all. Is this strictly a favor of Dodge? I have a current model year truck. I am the first owner and I have about 60000 miles on my truck. My truck broke 2000 miles from home. Broken, sitting in the middle of the road, I called Chrysler customer service and business link. I was told there was no roadside assistance available. So, I spent the day laying under the truck taking things apart in the middle of the road. FUN! I then limped the truck to the dealership I was told that rental car coverage was not available either. The parts are covered under the powertrain warranty and recall. Why wouldnt I be eligible for rental car? They told me "sorry, you are over 36k" ...but I am not over 100k powertrain warranty and the truck is 8 months old!!! ...I did some digging and the warranty says the roadside assistance should have been provided to me. ...but I cant find anything that mentions rental cars. This doesnt seem right. Can anyone help me?
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So this was all I could find in the warranty booklet pertaining to rental vehicles (note - I pulled this for 2012 3500, but C&C appears to be the same):

I suppose some dealers will extend you a car rental as a courtesy, but this looks like Chrysler as whole does not.

If nothing else call:
Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 21-8004
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-8004
Phone: (866) 726-4636

Out of curiosity, what happened with your truck?
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The only way to get a rental car from them is if you purchased the extended warranty 5yr/100,000mi bumper to bumper. The original warranties that came with it do not include rental car.
Well, that answers that I guess. Kinda disappointing, but it is what it is. Thanks for the replies and the research guys! :thumbsup:

What happened? ...My front dif came apart. :shock: not apart apart but it rotated forward breaking the front shaft and chewing up the frame.
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